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VoiceOver Keyboard Shortcuts on a Mac

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It sounds like it might be helpful to connect you to one of our Office support agents. Contact Support. Pages can automatically adjust how paragraphs break between pages in a document. For example, you can make sure a heading and the next paragraph always appear on the same page.

View manual page breaks

Keep with next paragraph: Keeps the paragraph on the same page as the one that follows it. Prevent widow and orphan lines: Prevents the first or last line of the paragraph from appearing alone on a page. Force text to the next line or page Click where you want the break to occur.

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Do one of the following: For a line break: Click in the toolbar , then choose Line Break. Prevent single lines of text from appearing at the top or bottom of a page You can prevent the first line of a paragraph from appearing alone at the bottom of a page called a widow line or the last line of a paragraph from appearing alone at the top of a page called an orphan line.

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It almost goes without saying, but a document more than a few pages long needs page numbers. Unless you number the pages, how can you put your document together again if you drop it on the sidewalk and the wind scatters the pages hither and yon? Choose options to determine how the pages are numbered and what page numbers look like:.

Keyboard shortcuts in Word for Mac - Word for Mac

Turn this option off to keep a page number from appearing on the first page. Position: On the submenu, choose whether to put page numbers on the top or bottom of the page. Alignment: On the submenu, choose where in the header or footer you want the page number to appear. The Inside option places page numbers next to the binding; the Outside option places page numbers away from the binding.

To remove page numbers, return to the Page Numbers menu and turn off the Numbering option. A header is descriptive text along the top of the page; a footer is descriptive text along the bottom.

Frequently used shortcuts

To include page numbers in a header or footer, use the Page Numbers command.