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Then click on the Music button in the top bar. Make sure the Sync Music box is checked. Then select the Sync button in the bottom right hand side of the iTunes window. When the sync is completed, click Apply and then the Done button and disconnect your device. Some of the newer Mac laptops are — shall we say — USB challenged. After the update is completed, make sure your computer is connected to your secured wireless network and is running iTunes.

In addition to iCloud backup available via iTunes, Apple offers two paid cloud-based services designed to cover the rest of your collection, augment your musical collection, and make your current songs available everywhere and at all times: Apple Music and iTunes Match. Apple Music: Apple Music is a subscription plan that offers a variety of features. In addition to its subscription music catalog, it offers iCloud Music Library syncing across devices, Beats 1 radio, customized playlists based on your preferences, artist exclusives, and even song lyrics.

The Individual plan lets you access 50 million songs, in addition to your personal iTunes library, and other exclusive content.

The Family plan offers the same features except it can include up to six accounts. The Student plan has the same benefits as the Individual plan for half the price and is available to both students and teachers. A three-month free trial lets you try before you buy. You can sign up for Apple Music on your desktop or on your mobile device. Music you already purchased from the iTunes Store does not count toward the limit.

To subscribe, launch iTunes and click the Store tab at the top of the window. Then scroll all the way down the page until you see iTunes Match under the Features section. Click the link and subscribe. That lets you either stream or download any selection of up to , songs to up to 10 authorized devices.

If you enable iCloud Music Library, you cannot sync music from your computer to your phone, because this setup facilitates only sharing between devices. Regardless of which methods you choose to purchase, store, and listen to your music, you have many options that let you tote your favorite tunes around with you wherever you go.

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No limits. Have it, you can easily transfer music from Mac to iPhone without iTunes. Transfer is directly done without having to fiddle with iTunes and the iTunes library. Plug in your iPhone with a cable. Tap the Music tab from the upper menu on TunesMate. It will pop up a window that allows you to locate your music on Mac. Step 3: Browse and choose the music you want to transfer. Then click Open and it will start transferring the selected songs to your iPhone.

Or you can directly drag and drop the music files to your iPhone using TunesMate.

Best 3 Methods to Put Music on iPhone XS/XR with or without iTunes

TunesMate does a lot more when it comes to your music, too. You can delete and back up your songs, add music to the iTunes library itself without using iTunes at all.

You can manage your playlists, as well as edit music ID3 tags and more. You can download all of your purchased music here. Perfect for: People who want to pay just a monthly fee to listen and download as much as they can.

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There are a few different streaming services that you can use, such as Spotify and SoundCloud. You can listen as much as you want and only pay a small amount. You can also listen to your music anywhere, on most of your devices. How-to-Transfer: It depends on what service you use, but generally, you can just open the app, go to your purchases, and download or listen from there.

If the service is entirely cloud based, then you will just be streaming instead of downloading. Perfect for: People who just want a simple way to organize and transfer their media files, with no DRM or complications. This is a really simple method because you can download and organize your media files and play them with the same app.