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Hide that bothering mouse cursor in macOS when fullscreen playing a video

Until Mavericks, full-screen mode worked with only a single display on a Mac with other monitors, besides other quirks. Preston Hiers seems to be encountering one of these:.

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  • Auto-stop recording.
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It just started doing this today after I did a restart. I am using a new inch iMac running El Capitan. I have had my computer for over a month and never had this problem before.

Spaces lets you create multiple desktops and that includes an option to set each display to be a separate space. You have to have that box checked in the Mission Control system preference pane to use apps full screen on different monitors at the same time. But as I wrote last October , Spaces is a finicky beast.

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I was long unable to get this mode to let me stick apps on my office Mac with two displays to my preferred monitor. On the other hand, this screen recorder also has a mobile version that is available on both Android and iOS. By using its mobile version, you can easily record Minecraft gameplay right within your mobile device.

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Aside from recording your favorite gameplay, you can also use this mobile app to capture your other screen activities and background audio simultaneously. Why choose this tool?

The program is optimized to work without affecting your systems functions. This Minecraft screen recorder has a neat interface that can suite anyone.

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It also requires a minimal space and can switch within the various recording modes with just few clicks. It is packed with different recording modes that will allow users to capture their computer activities like screen movements, audio, with webcam, or a special function for capturing gameplay. Unlike other recording applications, this one does not have any adwares that constantly interrupts as you go on with your recording.

Brief steps in recording Minecraft Download and install the screen recorder — This is the first thing that every users need to do.

Toggle Full Screen Mode with a Keyboard Shortcut in Mac OS X

Simply hit the download button below. After that, open the exe. Once done, click the same button again to end the recording.