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Build in Time is a time management game mixed with elements of a light construction simulation. Players need to establish Build it Green: Back to the Beach is a time-management game. You take over the management of an island plagued Commodore 64 and ZX Spectrum This early simulation of "The Battle of the Bulge" uses a semi-realtime system for gameplay, consisting of 15 minute time-ticks Bulls and Bears is a stock market simulation game for up to five players.

A computer game version of a famed TV quiz show based around the game of darts. The computer version features DOS and Mainframe Bullseye is a simple text-based simulation of the perennial pub game of Darts, for up to 20! The target Do you like to play darts? Would you like to have the opportunity to play darts on your computer? The game is very similar to G. Bundesliga Live is a managerial simulation of the German Premier League "Bundesliga" back in the nineteen-eighties, using real club and Bundesliga Manager is a managerial simulator for a team in the top three German football leagues Bundesliga, Zweite Liga or Games must have at least a Critic Score of 80 to be considered.

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Game Title Budget Baseball. DOS Pit historic and legendary baseball teams from to against each other with accurate team members and stats in Budokan: The Martial Spirit. Mainframe Bug is a game of chance. Build-A-Bear Workshop.

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Nintendo DS Build a Bridge! Windows , Nintendo DS , iPhone , Nintendo DSi and Android As a real-estate developer, it's your job to buy, sell, build, rent, and upgrade houses to make a profit. Build-a-lot 2: Town of the Year. Windows , Macintosh , iPhone and iPad Build-a-lot 2 is a building contractor simulator, where the player constructs buildings on a city. Build-a-lot 3: Passport to Europe.

Windows , Macintosh , iPhone , Android and iPad Build-a-lot 3: Passport to Europe is another entry in the casual city-building series by HipSoft. Build-a-lot 4: Power Source. Build City. Windows Build City is a city-building game set during a monarch's rule in the early s. Windows Bau AG is a simulation of the complete building industry. Build in Time. Windows and Macintosh Build in Time is a time management game mixed with elements of a light construction simulation. Build It Green: Back to the Beach.

Dr Yep. Some people are addicted to basic principles or linear relationships. You have a drink and you feel good. They like that simplicity.

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Then there are lot of people who like the complexities of other relationships. With this sort of game there are so many possibilities, so many permutations. You could literally play Football Manager a hundred times and have a different result every time. Dr Exactly. Your personality is going to come out somehow in the game itself.

Are you impulsive in the transfer market? Me No. I always make sure that my signings are the result of thorough scouting and extensive deliberation.

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Dr Instability is good. Not reckless instability. Dr Of course, of course. What I mean is that your personality is flexible. In real life, you can behave as you do because the ramifications are not especially dramatic. Your work only pays your bills, Football Manager delivers hits of pleasure. Dr Not at all. Football Manager is what appeals to you. Not big fat lines of cocaine.

But is it a bad thing that I occasionally imagine conversations with my players? Me Well, this is all very encouraging. People who have taken these things too far? Dr Oh yes. But these are extremes. Me [sings] Layla. Distracted from friendlies, Layla. Dr [shudders] Anyway, anything like this, anything that you enjoy will get your endorphins flowing. That will amplify the positive feeling. Your subconscious enjoys Football Manager, it enjoys winning, it enjoys the alternative reality that you create.

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This, for want of better phrase, is your drug. Dr Is it a problem? Or is it just something you enjoy?

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Is it negatively impacting anything in your life? Me Every film is the same. Then she meets someone who is absolutely unsuitable for her and they have arguments that become increasingly heated until something draws them together and they kiss, only swiftly to jeopardise the whole affair on a point of principle before a race against time brings them together forever. You play it up until a certain point and then you stop playing it? Me It usually tells me to make a cup of tea and bacon sandwich first, but yes, I see your point.

Dr Essentially, yes. Me No! This is wonderful news. You do what you must to progress in the game. Me What is it that sends some people to fighty games and some people to football games? Why do some people want to slay a dragon, while others just want to win a pretend trophy? Dr All games are about play. Play is integral to psychology. Video games are extensions of stories. Me But what is it that attracts some people to fighting a dragon and some people to a statistic-loaded football database that is essentially an exercise in human resources?

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Do they use melee weapons or spells, are they reckless drivers or careful drivers? These traits can correlate with personality.

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How that relationship manifests itself is completely random. Some cautious people are reckless in games, some reckless people, like you, are cautious. My life is still very much intact. Now, can you do me a favour? Me Hello, Doctor. Thank you for seeing me at such short notice.